Epoxy resin designed to withstand higher temperatures

Jon Lawson

Delo has developed an encapsulant with a high resistance to media and temperature. Thanks to an optimised curing time, the Delo Monopox GE6515 also accelerates production processes. The product is particularly well suited for encapsulating electronic components in automotive applications.

It is a one-component, purely heat-curing epoxy resin. The encapsulant achieves very high strength even at high temperatures. It exhibits strength values of 20 MPa on aluminium at a temperature of 150°C and 14 MPa in the upper service temperature range of 200°C.
The product also achieves excellent adhesion on materials such as FR4, FA and copper. In addition, it is highly resistant to chemicals such as oils, acids, or fuels.
The encapsulant has a coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) matching that of materials commonly used in the automotive industry. The CTE is 23 ppm/K up to the glass transition temperature (Tg) of 155°C and 48 ppm/K above Tg. A small CTE is especially important for applications where temperature-induced warpage has to be avoided.
It cures in an air convection oven at temperatures ranging from 90°C to 150°C. At 130°C, the epoxy resin is fully cured after just 15 minutes, making production processes faster.

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