Entry-level machine vision kit enables users to get started in 30 minutes

Paul Boughton

Scorpion Vision is launching a new entry-level machine vision kit for those who are curious about machine vision and believe they may be able to use such a system in their manufacturing environment, but do not have the confidence to invest heavily in such equipment.
Paul Wilson of Scorpion Vision says: "What does it cost to employ one person to check a product is the right colour or size as it passes along a production line? In the UK, that is an easy number to come up with – without taking into account the additional costs with recruitment, on-site training and induction, the National Minimum Wage from October 2010 will be £5.93 for workers aged 21 or over. That equates to £12,334 for a five-day week over the year, excluding national insurance payments.
"Automation is a way to reduce costs using Scorpion Vision Software. The starter kit, which includes everything needed to build a system (just supply a PC) costs £830 or EUR995. This is not a pipe dream. This kind of automation solution is achievable on a budget."
The Unibrain Scorpion Starter kit contains a full suite of vision tools that will enable users to create vision systems that can automatically identify objects, read bar codes, write scripts, find angles and lines, measure edges and identify colours. In addition, the package includes: a Scorpion Lite license; a Unibrain Fire-i camera module; a 4.3mm lens; a 4.5 metre Firewire cable; a 1394a interface board; 'getting started' support by telephone and remote control; and a comprehensive list of tutorials for various vision tasks with examples.
No programming is required and users can expect to have a camera connected and the software identifying and measuring objects within 30 minutes.
For more information, visit www.scorpionvision.co.uk

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