Enhancing productivity through effective data management

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Shweta Saxena writes about an Iceland-based project which aims to optimise hauling journeys across the island through a data-driven platform.

With a legacy spanning over fifty years as a premier Icelandic contractor, optimising operations has been imperative for Ístak to sustain its success. In April 2023, Ístak made the strategic decision to collaborate with MachineMax, a digital equipment management platform for off-highway fleets, to provide enhanced insights into field operations, aiding informed decision-making and process optimisation. This partnership granted access to actionable data from over 300 machines, empowering the organisation to make more informed decisions and drive-up operational efficiency, productivity and sustainability in its contracting endeavours.

Enhancing fleet productivity through data management

Construction data from telematics sensors and OEM systems provides crucial insights into bottlenecks that impact fleet productivity. Elements including high idling rates, often due to congestion or engines left running during breaks, low equipment use, and inefficient hauls can be easily identified and addressed using the data provided. Aron Karlsson, project manager at Ístak, emphasises: “Partnering with MachineMax helped us to enhance visibility through heatmaps, enabling the pinpointing of idling hotspots. This underscores the extent of technology’s role in uncovering and resolving issues. Access to this data leads to fuel savings, emission reduction, and substantial productivity improvements.”

Data-driven decision-making to streamline project

As Ístak embarked on its ambitious project to construct a 19km highway in Iceland, to reduce the existing route by 11km, the implementation of the MachineMax data solution helped yield remarkable outcomes. Insights from MachineMax’s innovative telematics and data solutions helped to manage construction data and realise substantial improvements in key operational aspects.

Firstly, Ístak leveraged the haul cycle analysis feature within the MachineMax productivity module, Ístak identified and eliminated suboptimal routes, resulting in a noteworthy enhancement in workflow. This strategic approach led to a significant increase in haul cycles, soaring from 15 to an impressive 18 loads per day. Ultimately, delivering a 20% increase in productivity.

Using real-time congestion and queuing tools with heat maps, Ístak successfully pinpointed areas of congestion that were causing unnecessary idling. By redirecting machines to less congested routes, the company achieved a commendable 5% reduction in idling within a mere two months. This trend is poised to continue, promising further efficiency gains.

Recognising the importance of optimal machine usage, Ístak employed data insights to enhance machine performance. This involves reallocating less-used machines to different sites or strategically managing fixed costs. The result was a notable 5% rise in machine usage spanning two months.

Karlsson continues: “The context of these achievements is set within our broader goal to significantly enhance Iceland’s infrastructure, reduce commute times, and minimise fuel consumption for both commuters and travellers.”

Jennifer Thompson, CPO of MachineMax, says: “By implementing our solutions, Ístak has effectively enhanced and streamlined this ambitious project, yielding noticeable results. These include a 20% increase in daily haul cycles, proactive identification, and resolution of on-site congestion, as well as fostering an understanding within the Ístak team about the importance of optimising machine usage. This has enabled on-site teams to promptly identify bottlenecks and address process inefficiencies. With access to this data, Ístak will continue to compare the performance of various OEMs, identify inefficiencies, and further refine processes to boost and quantify productivity in both current and future projects.”

Shweta Saxena is with MachineMax.

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