Enhanced tubing for Oil & Gas applications

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Fine Tubes is pleased to announce that specialist metal tubing product, Super Duplex, is now available. Demonstrated capabilities include high strength and corrosion resistance for demanding applications. The tubing is NORSOK M-650 approved and made to order in specialist non-standard sizes for bespoke orders in the oil and gas and chemical process sectors. This enables it to meet very precise customer specifications, as well as offer high-quality, extremely reliable product performance.

The Super Duplex tubing can be produced with very short lead times and in small batch sizes for optimum versatility. It is available in straight lengths that can be seamless cold redrawn and annealed to suit customer specifications. Typical tubing sizes range from 3mm (0.040 inches) to 31mm (1.25 inches) outer diameter in seamless form.

Hostile working environments require optimum operating efficiency, excellent strength and corrosion resistant properties and complete product reliability. Super Duplex from Fine Tubes is ideal for use across multiple critical applications in the oil and gas and chemical process sectors. These applications include heat exchangers, flow meters, downhole pressure housings and smart wells, subsea Xmas trees and manifolds, injection and ballast water, and other critical subsea, downhole, and offshore oil and gas instrumentation.

Nick Head, Tube Product Manager at Fine Tubes says of the product: “We have a proven track record of supplying key tubing products like Super Duplex that meet the strict requirements of the oil and gas and chemical process sectors. Smaller batch capabilities ensure flexibility in the range of volumes we can produce. The ability to manufacture Super Duplex in non-standard sizes also enables us to meet the very precise requirements of our customers.”

Fine Tubes has a long and successful history of operating in the oil and gas and chemical process sectors. The company delivers a wide range of precision tubes that deliver extended product life, as well as reducing downtime and maintenance costs. Tubing products from Fine Tubes are made from high pressure stainless steel and nickel alloys. The high-quality materials used enable the tubes to perform without failure, time and time again, for maximum corrosion and pressure resistance up to 100,000psi.


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