Enhanced breaking strength for crane rope

Paul Boughton

Crane ropes must be able to resist tremendous loads in a vast variety of applications. Optimal spooling behaviour in multilayer winding, dimensional stability to lateral pressures, high resistance to impact loads, and, most importantly, enormous breaking strength: these characteristics are key in ensuring the ropes' successful use and long service lives.

Teufelberger has now relaunched its Evolution TK16 high performance rope. The key plus factor of this rope upgrade, is its increased breaking strength with up to plus 7 per cent.
Among crane manufacturers and crane operators around the globe, Evolution TK16 is considered as one of the best hoisting ropes for various applications in specialist foundation engineering, but also for other fields of use such as on (heavy lift) vessel cranes and offshore platforms. Like all the other ropes of the non-rotating TK series, Evolution TK16 is not prone to any rotation of the hook blocks, even at large lifting heights.

As a result, it facilitates the accurate 'positioning' of heavy loads. Thanks to its cutting-edge design developed with the support of state-of-the-art software solutions and incorporating Superfill compaction technology where every strand is compacted according to a special method, this rope provides tremendous breaking strength.

In addition, by using the Plastfill process, the greased steel core of Evolution TK16 is overmoulded with a plastic coat. This ensures high-resistance to compressive loads and lateral pressures and helps reduce wear on the rope's core.

Improved set-ups in production with even narrower tolerances have allowed Teufelberger to take minimum breaking strength to yet another level with its new Evolution TK 16plus.

Now it has become possible to manufacture strength class 1960 ropes on request with the most common diameter sizes that offer up to 7 per cent more breaking strength. Thus, Evolution TK16plus provides even more safety and reliability in use and thus also enhanced productivity, long-term cost savings, and increased competitiveness.
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