Energy-efficient chokes for inverters in wind turbines

Paul Boughton

SMP has introduced highly energy-efficient chokes for inverters in wind turbines. The low-loss chokes stand out through their maintenance-free design and long service life.

To meet the demand for ever more energy-efficient components for wind turbine installations, SMP has developed choke designs specially for inverters used in wind turbines. Their high energy efficiency is achieved through their compact design and through the use of low-loss materials. SMP’s chokes are maintenance-free and have a long lifespan – a significant contribution to reducing the expensive maintenance of wind turbines.

“Today’s wind turbines are more efficient than ever before. Until only a few years ago, the maxim for wind power was: it has to be cheap. The awareness that efficient installations can be highly profitable has grown only over the past few years”, says Stefan Schauer, technical sales manager at SMP.
SMP chokes have now also been tested and approved for use in offshore installations.
For use in power electronics, power generation, and instrumentation and control, SMP supplies chokes and filters for frequencies up to 200 kHz and current ratings up to 1000 amperes. These inductive components offer a high energy storage capacity at low volume, reduced losses, good EMC characteristics and a cost-conscious design.

Depending on their application, they are constructed either as single-conductor chokes for high-current applications, individual chokes, choke modules or LC filters. All SMP components are manufactured to customer specifications using in-house developed powder composites.

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