Energy chain installation made easy

Paul Boughton

Energy chain and cable specialist igus UK has expanded its assembly and installation service.  

The lead time for this service is now only five days and is available for projects all over the UK. The experts can install energy chain systems for any application, for example from a 70m long train wash system to a 500m long unloading crane application, saving customers time and money. For every system installed, igus also guarantees the system for a long period of maintenance-free operation, to agreed technical specifications.

Many customers purchase numerous individual components for self-assembly. This can involve: assembly of the energy chains, inserting the cables and crimping and fitting connectors. igus’ 'readychain' pre-assembly service eliminates the need for this as igus engineers assemble all the parts to the desired specification, and test each complete package thoroughly. The assembly is then rolled onto a drum, delivered to the customer as one part, from which it can simply be unrolled on site.

The customer can either install the assembly directly or igus trained engineers can come to the site and install the assembly, saving the customer significant time and money. igus can typically fit an assembly in a few days, whereas it would take a customer two or three employees a few weeks.

The igus installed service is a professional, fault-free assembly which prevents unnecessary downtime, and is implemented quickly to keep production loss to a minimum. It also reduces logistics expenditure and complication. A system guarantee and final acceptance report for the complete system can also be provided.

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