Encoders have industry fastest cycle time

Louise Smyth

Leine & Linde’s 600 and 900 series absolute encoders with EtherCAT feature optimised electronics that provide industry-fastest position read and processing values - with increments as short as 31.25 microseconds.

Available from UK motion and mechatronics specialists Mclennan, these industrial and premium grade encoders are also characterised by their exceptional levels of durability, particularly suiting extreme environments where their resilience to high levels of shock and vibration as well as moisture and temperature extremes are well proven.

With EtherCAT based motion control applications becoming increasingly widespread and preferred by the automation industry for speed and flexibility in use, the enhanced cycle-time capability of these two product line variants makes a compelling proposition for high reliability/high speed rotary axis position synchronisation.

The 58 and 100mm diameter encoders feature a unique inductive scanning principle developed by the Swedish encoder innovator that maximises signal integrity under harsh conditions. Singleturn and multiturn absolute versions can resolve to up to 35-bits for the 900 series (19-bit singleturn + 16-bit multiturn). Solid and hollow shaft versions are available with a wide choice of mechanical interfacing and cable/connector options.

Through both ranges maximum application flexibility for feedback and control is ensured by a wide choice of output signal and fieldbus interface variants including EtherNet/IP, DRIVE-CLiQ, PROFINET, PROFIBUS, CANopen and DeviceNet