Enclosure has an adjustable internal layout

Paul Boughton

Control and automation engineers GPS Group has launched a modular MCC designed to extend the life of the asset and reduce whole life costs - by providing a simple solution for managing design and through-life equipment changes.

The G-Flex MCC is based on a flexible, reusable enclosure that allows functional units to be modified quickly and simply any number of times over its lifetime.

The enclosure has an adjustable internal layout within a fully welded external structure that allows modules to be rapidly reconfigured, while maintaining the strength of a bespoke construction.

Common changes to design specifications such as larger pumps or different starter choices can be easily accommodated during the construction and commissioning stages; a significant benefit for Tier 1 contractors and technology providers.

Equipment changes, such as switching from a starter to a variable speed drive can be made at any time, and when a functional unit or the process plant it serves becomes redundant, the MCC can be adapted for new requirements; improving asset planning and management for the process operator.

Removable partitions mean that functional units can be changed without any physical modifications to the enclosure; replacement doors can be safely fitted on site without any grinding, welding or repainting.

With new doors being the only requirement for reconfiguration 90% of the enclosure is effectively reusable, and capable of extending normal operating life by 50%.

GPS Managing Director Nigel Harrison said “Technology and user requirements can change very quickly, G-Flex is made for change, and provides an efficient solution for updating or replacing redundant equipment over an extended period.”

The G-Flex enclosure is designed for Form 4 motor control and power distribution applications; it is fully compliant with BS61439 and tested to IP54. With standard module sizes of 225mm and 300mm, tiers can be configured and reconfigured in multiples of these sizes from a single full size module up to eight standard units.

In factory trials a unit with two tiers of 8 and 6 standard modules was reconfigured to create a new layout with 1 and 3 in less than 30 minutes.

For any application the G-Flex MCC provides a fast and flexible solution for change that helps manufacturing and process operators maintain efficient and reliable plants.

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