EMI shield windows for TFT and other displays

Paul Boughton

Noritake Itron has employed its ultra-fine photo-lithographic production process to create a range of EMI shield windows for TFT and other display apertures with cost, quality and delivery advantages over existing wire mesh and laser solutions.
This process produces an aluminium mesh of 300um pitch and 10um line width covered by a 5um ITO coating and black contrast enhancement layer.
Four sizes supporting 4.3-in, 5.7-in, 7-in and 15-in TFTs are now available from stock using 0.7mm glass substrates with conductive adhesive tape applied to order.  

The standard products offer a 35db cut in noise emissions with 85 per cent light transmission. Custom design is available for specific sizes and thickness with up to 60db cut and 60 per cent transmission. Prototypes can be cut from standard sizes for customer evaluation.
For more information, visit www.noritake-itron.com