Embedded cameras with LED ring light

Jon Lawson

Vision Components now offers image processing systems with integrated LED ring lights and flash controllers.

Many applications can be implemented with VCnanoZ embedded vision systems without any additional components. These systems are designed for code reading, pick & place applications, completeness control, and shape inspection.

The integrated design saves space and costs. At only 80 x 45 x 20 mm, the intelligent cameras can be easily installed even when the available space is tightly limited. Customers can choose between two options: six LEDs with 850 nm for NIR applications or a combination of four white and two red LEDs. On request, the manufacturer also supplies the cameras with individually specified LEDs or reflectors or as a board-level camera kit for OEMs.

The embedded vision systems feature a Zynq SoC module combining a powerful dual-core ARM processor running at 2 x 866 MHz with an FPGA, as well as 512 MD DDR-SDRAM and 16 GB Flash EPROM. Six different global shutter CMOS image sensors are available with resolutions up to 3.2 MP and high frame rates (such as 88 fps at 3.2 MP). In addition, the VCnanoZ series provides practical interfaces: an Ethernet port, two digital inputs, four digital outputs, a trigger input and a high-speed flash trigger output, which can also be used for added external lighting.