Electrolube To Present Conformal Coatings Workshops at WNIE

Louise Smyth

Development Chemist for Electrolube’s Conformal Coatings Division, Beth Turner MSc, will provide a complete overview of conformal coatings through two conclusive workshops on both days of the event.
The first workshop will focus on the application and utilization of protective coatings for electronic assemblies. During this workshop, visitors will learn about the necessary requirements for the conformal coating of assemblies.

The workshop will also cover the classification of coatings, the film properties and application methods for protective coatings and how to avoid typical errors during coating.

The second workshop will concentrate on protecting electronics from the harshest environments with new generation conformal coatings. Visitors will have a great opportunity to learn about the different types of coatings available, for instance, how to speed up production dramatically with next generation UV cure products, as well as explore the varying levels of protection that different coatings provide. Beth will also highlight examples of how best to select the most suitable product for your application, by providing an insight into how Electrolube has provided collaborative solutions for a number of different applications with their global customers.
Beth Turner has spent her career to date as a Research and Development Chemist and has previously worked on specialist projects including bio-functional nano-coatings and specialist coatings affording protection to electronics in harsh environments.

Beth works alongside Electrolube’s Phil Kinner in the Conformal Coatings Division and is a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Beth Turner comments, “WNIE will provide the perfect platform to engage with visitors and expand the audience’s understanding of conformal coatings to ensure a more successful coating process. The two workshops will run consecutively over both days at WNIE and I’m really looking forward to helping visitors find better solutions for their existing coating processes.”

Ron Jakeman, Managing Director of Electrolube, comments, “Running two workshops each day at WNIE is a fantastic opportunity to share our expertise in conformal coatings with the electronics community and for visitors to get an in-depth insight into the variety of coatings that serve virtually every manufacturing need.  We continually take innovation one step further to present the market with the very latest, cutting edge solutions for even more applications, particularly our new UV cure range for faster production.”