Electric Vehicle Battery Module Dispensing Applications

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752V diaphragm valves dispensing application on a production line

Nordson EFD’s 752V Series diaphragm valve accurately dispenses various adhesives to glue components together in battery module assemblies for electric cars. The 752V valve delivers fine flow control when dispensing low- to medium-viscosity fluids. Its open/close stroke is adjustable from 0.13 mm to 0.64 mm (0.005" to 0.025") — producing a very fast response and positive shutoff.

When used with the GV Series gantry dispensing robot, this fluid dispensing system provides the precise, repeatable amounts of fluid and positional accuracy required to increase production throughput and final part quality of battery module assemblies.

The GV Series automated fluid dispensing system features specialized DispenseMotion software and an integrated CCD smart vision camera or a simple pencil camera. This makes the automated system quick to set up and easy to program. True three-dimensional motion control allows easy programming of dots, lines, circles, arcs, and compound arcs. The CCD camera converts pixels into digital values to deliver precise, high-quality images. The proprietary dispensing software confirms workpiece presence and placement and automatically adjusts as in-process variations occur.

The system offers dimensional positioning accuracy and deposit placement repeatability at+/- 0.02 mm for the 400 mm gantry robot and +/- 0.01 mm for the 800 mm gantry robot. An optional feature is the OptiSure automated optical inspection (AOI) software. When paired with the OptiSure confocal laser, the AOI system measures the height of fluid deposits in addition to width and diameter, providing 3D dispense verification.

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