Electric industrial heaters explosion hazard areas

Paul Boughton

Electric heaters with explosion hazard area approval are demanded by many branches of the chemical and petro-chemical industry.

Through advanced development of its products for use in explosion hazard areas, Hillesheim has obtained certifications for its own prototype tests. These certifications ease the burden for customers because it is no longer necessary to have on-site approval inspections performed by appraisers. These costly and time-consuming tests at the customer site can now be waived in the future.

Hillesheim manufactures explosion-proof heating hoses for media that must be held at temperature (up to 200˚C) while being transported from A to B. Depending on hose type, these hoses can be used in temperature classes T1 ... T6, for gas zones 1 and 2 and for dust zone 21/22.

Other products, such as heater bands and heating plates, are also deliverable for use in explosion hazard areas.

Hillesheim is hoping these new developments will open up new applications for the analysis of smoke and emissions as well as in general plant engineering for explosion hazard areas.

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