Electric actuator initiative at desalination scheme

Paul Boughton

The Nemmeli plant in Chennai is the first desalination scheme in India to adopt electric actuators for plant automation. AUMA was selected to supply more than 250 electric actuators for the landmark contract.

State-of-the-art fieldbus technology has been provided by AUMA. The company’s actuators are integrated with fieldbus interfaces which comply with the Modbus protocol used by the desalination plant’s distributed control system.

The incorporation of redundant line topology enhances security as back-up data transmission connectivity is provided for all actuators linked to the fieldbus system.

Chennai is the capital city of the Indian State of Tamil Nadu. With over four million residents, it is a major commercial, cultural, economic and educational centre. The Nemmeli plant, which occupies 81,000 square metres of land, has capacity to treat 100 million litres of sea water per day. Reverse osmosis membranes convert sea water into potable water which is supplied to Southern Chennai.

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Photocaption: A previous desalination installation for AUMA at the Al Taweelah sea water plant in the UAE.

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