Electric actuator is alternative to hydraulic cylinders

Paul Boughton

Thomson is introducing the T130 ball screw-driven precision linear actuator with a 50mm diameter screw for use with static loads up to 80kN over stroke lengths of up to 2m. Together with the T90 Precision Linear Actuator (PLA) this new version of the T130 provides reliable industrial or outdoor positioning in a broad range of linear applications, as well as the power and stroke to replace hydraulic systems with more precisely controlled electrical actuation.
By re-engineering its popular T130 actuator with a 50mm diameter screw, Thomson has increased its dynamic load capacity to 60kN and its static load capacity to a formidable 80kN for powerful pulling, pushing and positioning of high loads. When such large load capacity is not required, the newly engineered model offers a 350 per cent increase in service life to 47,000km when operating at reduced load. The new T130 offers speeds of up to 2m/s and extends the stroke of the standard model to an impressive 2m while maintaining good rigidity.
The smaller T90 is suitable for axial loads of up to 20,000N with a large stroke of up to 1.5m, providing precision positioning at speeds of up to 2m/s.
Like other actuators in the PLA range, the T130 and T90 are designed for a long operating life at continuous 100 per cent duty cycles with a repeatability of 0.05mm. Positioning accuracy of 0.05mm is achievable for many applications. Fully preloaded systems are available on demand for higher precision.
PLA linear actuators are IP65 protected for use in industrial environments. Both the T90 and the T130 precision linear actuators are suitable for applications such as those in thermoforming, packaging machines, solar tracking and for replacing hydraulic and pneumatic components with more controllable mechanical actuation. Higher IP rating options and stainless steel versions are also available for harsher environments.
Determining the motor torque, speed and power based on application data is straightforward using configuration tools available at Thomson's website or by contacting a local Thomson representative. A comprehensive range of Thomson gearheads and Kollmorgen drives and servomotors can be ordered with the PLA series actuators, with mountings for other mainstream servomotors also available.
Both the T130 and T90 are available from Thomson's worldwide sales network with a short lead time of two to three weeks.
For more information, visit www.thomsonlinear.com

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