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EIVA is an engineering company with more than 30 years’ experience in the offshore survey and construction industry.

EIVA has its origin in providing specialised software, hardware, system solutions and services for the offshore oil and gas industry – for both rental and sale. The range of application covers all phases of offshore exploration from pre-surveys, field development, construction, rig moves, pipeline inspections, post-surveys, IMR and decommissioning work.

The key purpose of our solutions is to optimise our customers’ marine construction or survey businesses. We know and understand the challenges they face and work closely together with them in choosing and implementing the solution that will offer the most value to their often mission-critical operations with all that implies.

Worldwide customer base and workplace
EIVA’s extensive customer base comprises organisations and companies from the international industry. This means that our staff are as familiar with the inside of aircraft cabins as they are with the seabed from travelling worldwide to assist our customers on-site.

NaviSuite Nardoa – Advanced 3D pipeline inspections
The NaviSuite Nardoa is a cutting-edge, completely integrated 3D software solution for acquisition and processing of data during pipeline inspections.

This proven, off-the-shelf software bundle allows you to save man-hours and money while delivering high-quality, thorough and comprehensive inspection results to your customers.

Save man-hours and reduce the inspection timeframe
The NaviSuite Nardoa solution allows for near-real-time processing of large data sets, thereby reducing the timeframe of the inspection job to a minimum.

The software does most of the work, and the man-hours of the team are spent more efficiently on the details that require a human hand. Altogether, this translates into a far more cost-effective inspection workflow.

Scalable solution fitting your needs and resources perfectly
This open, modular solution supports all available software and hardware equipment for pipeline inspection.

It is easily integrated into your existing inspection setup and equipment, enabling you to create the optimum tool box that fits your needs perfectly – using your existing equipment and thus saving money, or buying new equipment without having to worry about integration complications.

... also in terms of location and number of users
The NaviSuite Nardoa solution is built around a database network, making it a scalable solution to match your preferred setup perfectly in terms of number of users and location as well.

Multiple users can access and process the data simultaneously, which vastly reduces the timeframe of the inspection job. Moreover, the team can be situated both on board the inspection vessel and on shore, depending on your specific needs and options.

Accuracy better than 50 μSec for improved inspection results
When time accuracy is of pivotal importance to your inspection operation, the optional extra EIVA ATTU time-tagging unit offers a simple way of taking the time-tagging feature of the NaviSuite Nardoa solution to the highest level.


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