Efficient and cost-effective cleaning

Jon Lawson

Effective cleaning is critical to product integrity, productivity and profitability in all hygienic industries.

By choosing the right cleaning equipment, you can reduce water, chemicals and energy costs as well as decrease cleaning time between production cycles.

As part of the market’s most consistent portfolio of rotary jet head tank cleaning machines, we recently added three Alfa Laval rotary jet heads, GJ A2, GJ A6 and GJ PF FT.

This gives you the opportunity of easy installation of rotary jet head technology in small size tank openings like 3-in or 4-in, where static spray ball and rotary spray heads are normally mounted in today.

By retrofitting with one of the three small GJ jet heads, you avoid reworking the tank to accommodate upgrading tank cleaning equipment, meaning low installation cost.

When higher cleaning efficiency is required, it is easy to upgrade your static spray balls to the Alfa Laval GJ Rotary Jet Head technology.

Simply unclip the static spray ball and replace it with a new clip-on GJ rotary jet head, that uses a cleaning pattern ensuring dynamic and effective distribution of water to the inner tank surfaces.

The high mechanical force generated by the strong jet impingement, efficiently removes remaining products and residues to provide the best conditions required for hygienic production.

Rotary jet heads clean tanks 70% faster than the static spray ball technology.

Because of faster cleaning, it uses less water and chemicals - and thereby reducing operating costs by up to 80%.

Rotary jet heads provide exceptional cleanability, better and safer end-product quality and greater overall output for all hygienic applications.

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