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Brüel & Kjær Vibro has launched VIBROSTORE 100, a palm sized device that provides vibration level and bearing wear monitoring for balance-of-plant machines at the push of a button.

The lightweight device can be used single-handedly and enables even untrained personnel to take vibration measurements and assess a semi-critical machine’s overall vibration condition. The instrument is equipped with a pre-set cable-connected high-quality B&K Vibro acceleration sensor. Once the type and size of the machine based on ISO 10816 and its running speed are entered, a one-button push can perform the measurement. A traffic-light display immediately indicates the severity of the vibration based on the built-in ISO 10816 alarm limits (velocity in mm/s or in/s). The main screen also shows the rolling-element bearing condition in bearing damage units measurement (BDU) and total g (RMS acceleration). The display of the vibration level in frequency ranges indicates the most common machine faults, such as imbalance, misalignment or looseness.

Florian Endres, commercial platform leader, B&K Vibro, said, “Whereas critical and semi-critical machinery is usually equipped with an online protection system to avoid catastrophic damages, it is often too difficult and costly to install an online condition monitoring system on every semi-critical machine. With a combination of B&K Vibro quality and extremely competitive pricing, the VIBROSTORE 100 fills the gap in detecting the most common machine faults and delivers quick, reliable and cost-efficient machine health monitoring for semi-critical and balance-of-plant machines.”

VIBROSTORE 100 is available either as stand-alone or packaged with the B&K Vibro Report & Route Manager software, a powerful and highly functional route editor and analysis software.

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