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The range covers air and water-cooled models from 37 to 75 kW and is available in both fixed and regulated speeds (RS) delivering ISO 8573-1:2010 Class 0 certified 100% oil-free air for the most critical applications, e.g. within the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, textile, and electronics industries. No oil is used in the compression elements, neither for sealing or lubricating the rotors, nor for cooling the compression process directly, reducing the risk of costly downtime and contaminated products.

For RS models, the combination of variable speed operation and hybrid permanent magnet (HPM®) motor delivers ultra-efficient performance and lower energy costs. Offering best-in-class efficiency and 30% or more energy savings compared to conventional compressor control, the simple, virtually-maintenance free HPM® motor has 60% fewer components than a standard induction version. It has no bearings, pulleys, gears, or motor shaft seals to wear out, leak or need replacing, meaning reduced service time and spend. The motor also requires less power at start-up (95% efficiency at start-up) compared to other VSD compressors and never operates unloaded thanks to an unlimited number of starts and stops.

Enhanced reliability is another key benefit of the new D-Series range compressors. Stainless steel components, dual-vented seals, and precision machined rotors with advanced Ultracoat™ prevent downstream contamination due to corrosion, while ensuring a trouble-free and long-lasting operation. The range also features a robust airend with precision machined gears, oversized bearings, stainless steel air seals, and unique labyrinth oil seal design to eliminate the risk of internal leaks. Meanwhile, an intuitive Xe system controller with integrated speed control, remote communications capability, and extensive events history, enables users and owners to optimise and improve compressor performance.

Furthermore, whereas air compressors are generally designed to operate in an environment where the temperature remains between 5°C and 40°C, the new D-Series range from CompAir is able to withstand the harshest environments and 46°C maximum ambient temperature, reducing unplanned shutdowns caused by high heat, and increasing productivity. Main components are also easy to access, with no special tools required, ensuring servicing is a hassle-free process.

The D-Series compressors feature iConn as standard, too. A smart, proactive real-time online monitoring service that allows operators to manage the performance of the system through invaluable data statistics and insights, iConn will alert users should a potential issue with the compressed air system arise. Furthermore, PureCARE, a specially designed service plan for the CompAir oil-free product range, will ensure uninterrupted and uncontaminated compressed air based on an extended warranty of 6 years. Each PureCARE service plan can be tailored to an operator’s specific application and includes CompAir genuine spare parts.

David Bruchof, Oil-Free Product Manager, said: “Capable of delivering pressure ranges from 7 to 10 bar and volume flow between 3 to 13 m3/min, CompAir’s new D-Series oil-free solutions can be relied on to provide consistent, cost-effective and virtually maintenance-free high-quality compressed air. D-Series range compressors are also offered with an extensive range of options to suit a user’s unique requirements. For example, our Energy Recovery System (ERS Ready) is one option for both fixed and variable speed units. This sees compressor operating heat, usually lost to the atmosphere, recovered and repurposed for applications such as hot water, heating, and industrial processes. This not only leads to huge savings but plays an important role in contributing towards a company’s sustainability goals and green credentials.”

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