Duplex filter system enables filters to be switched remotely

Paul Boughton

Parker Hannifin has developed an innovative duplex filter system for industrial applications, which is designed to improve both safety and filtration performance. The new EADPF Iprotect filter incorporates Parker's hydraulic solenoid valve technology, making it possible to switch between filters remotely, thereby optimising productivity.
While conventional duplex filters require the main duplex valve and equalising line to be operated manually, the EADPF Iprotect filter makes remote operation possible. Furthermore, this process can be fully automated to cut maintenance requirements and minimise machine downtime.
When a filter element becomes contaminated, the integral filter condition indicator sends a signal to the duplex valve unit, telling it to switch to the other filter with a clean element. This enables effective filtration to continue without the need for manual intervention. At the same time, a warning signal is provided to the local overall system controller, informing the operator that the contaminated filter element requires replacement. Routine maintenance can then be carried out at the most convenient time.
To avoid excessive pressure peaks when putting the new filter element in operation, an equalising line is activated automatically before the duplex valve is switched over. This eliminates the risk of human error associated with carrying out this process manually, thereby ensuring safety and avoiding damage to system components and seals.
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