Downhole tool monitoring transducer

Paul Boughton

The Model 120 is a high-pressure, high-temperature transducer for oil and gas downhole tool monitoring requirements from GP:50. It is designed to withstand high shock and vibration inputs, with further inclusion of an optional temperature output for expanded measurement capabilities.

The transducers offer ±0.5% FSO (BFSL) static accuracy, with optional improved accuracy to ±0.25% FSO. Their corrosion-resistant, hermetically sealed, all-welded construction incorporates both stainless steel housings and Inconel wetted parts (alternate materials available).

The transducer is temperature rated to +400°F (+204°C) and pressure rated to 30K PSI (2,068 BAR), with 5.0 to 15Vdc excitation and optional 2mV/V, 3mV/V, or 10mV/V output signal, depending upon selected accuracy and range.

The Model 120 also features a highly compact footprint, measuring just 1.93in (49.12mm), with either a 0.75in (19mm) standard or optionally reduced 0.55in (14mm) diameter, facilitating its ease of installation within space limited environments.