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Why Work with Dow Performance Silicones?

The Performance Silicones unit within Dow’s Consumer Solutions business has been a dedicated innovation partner to customers along the entire value chain of the global electronics industry for over 70 years, delivering competitive advantage for customers in dozens of end markets, including automotive and transportation, industrial and energy, consumer, computer and telecom and LED lighting.Today, Dow Performance Silicones’ serves the diverse needs of more than 25,000 customers worldwide.

Our broad and growing portfolio of advanced silicone solutions includes thermal interface materials, adhesives, encapsulants, and coatings that help enhance the design, assembly, reliability and performance of demanding components and with Dow on your team, you get more than a broad and growing portfolio of proven materials solutions.

A proactive and collaborative innovation leader, we combine our unmatched materials know-how with proven process and application expertise, a reliable global supply base and world-renowned customer service. If your application involves the manufacture, assembly, protection or enhancement of modules,printed circuit boards or assembled systems, you will likely find a Dow material or process solution that meets your specific needs.


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