Double block & bleed service valve launched

Paul Boughton

A new 6,000 PSI double block & bleed (DBBV) service valve is the latest advancement in Rohrback Cosasco corrosion monitoring solutions. The new valve is safer than a standard service valve and is often mandated by the oil and gas industry or operator policy for improved safety. The fundamental difference between this new advanced safety DBBV service valve and the standard service valve is that the new solution has a secondary ball/sealing surface to retain pressure in the event that the first ball or sealing surface is damaged.

The double block and bleed service valve has several innovative operational features. First, it has a rotating base, which makes it easy to adjust the position of the handles to either open or close the valve by simply rotating the valve itself into the correct position. This makes servicing in tight spaces or when using a Cosasco retriever much easier. Secondly, it operates mechanically thus eliminating the need for compressors and a local power source which would require additional equipment and may not always be available in the field.

The key specifications of the new DBBV are that is lightweight at 56lbs (25.4 kg), rated to pressures up to 6,000 PSI and temperatures up to 450F/232C dependant on the stem and seal material selected, and meets NACE MR0175 and NACE MR0103 requirements. The kit includes the valve assembly with extension lever, brass hammer, spare O-ring, and storage case for easy storage and transport.

The Rohrback Cosasco valve provides a lightweight, easy to use, and safe service valve for use in oil and gas refineries.

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