Disposable liquid flow sensor

Louise Smyth

Sensirion AG (Switzerland), a leader for digital microsensors, takes last year’s award-winning LD20 design study to the next level. The new disposable liquid flow sensor series is equipped with luer lock fittings for easy integration into the fluidic line and offers fast, precise, and reliable measurement of low and ultralow flow rates.

The intelligent, compact, and cost-effective sensors are suitable for a wide range of applications in the biomedical field, from controlling the flow of precious ingredients in bioreactors to monitoring infusion therapies in a clinical environment.

The LD20-series CMOSens-based flow sensors optimise costs by reducing the flow sensor to the bare minimum without sacrificing easy fluidic, electrical, and mechanical connections. Standard luer lock fittings ensure safe and secure incorporation into the fluidic line. The flow channel inside the sensor is completely straight and open and has no moving parts. Medical-grade wetted materials provide outstanding chemical resistance and excellent biocompatibility.

By providing a bidirectional measurement of the flow rate from 1200 ml/h down to single-digit ml/h, the sensor reliably detects common failure modes such as occlusion with unprecedented speed and sensitivity.

Sensirion has extensive experience in the medical field, and Sensirion’s liquid flow meters are already being used in numerous challenging applications, from diagnostic instruments to process control in the semiconductor industry.

The new disposable LD20-series liquid flow sensors will enhance your applications with maximum safety, performance, and reliability.