Display provides wider viewing angles and maintain colour accuracy

Paul Boughton

Ginsbury, the display distributor, has announced the introduction of a new family of Kyocera TFT LCD displays featuring Kyocera’s Super Wide View (SWV) technology.

Developed to provide superior image quality and wide viewing angles, Super Wide View achieves a viewing angle of greater than 170° and ensures that the colour fidelity of the display image is accurately represented when viewed from any direction.
Kyocera’s SWV technology aligns the liquid crystal cells in a horizontal direction so that the liquid crystal molecules rotate in parallel to the plane of the display panel instead of perpendicular to it. This technique reduces the amount of light scattered in the LCD cell. SWV offers an 85 degree viewing angle in all directions (left/right, top/bottom) due to the use of new materials and a redesigned LCD cell structure replacing the traditional twisted nematic (TN) structure.
Kyocera’s SWV technology helps to resolve the colour shifting problems inherent in traditional twisted nematic (TN) displays. TN displays can suffer from limited viewing angles, and colours can shift when the display is viewed off-perpendicular. In the vertical direction, colours can shift to the extent that they will invert past a known viewing angle.  
The new SWV product range from Kyocera includes the following display modules: 7.0” WVGA, 8.4” SVGA, 8.5” WVGA, 10.4” SVGA and 12.1” SVGA. All SWV display modules feature long life LED backlights with high brightness capability.
Typical applications range from medical, instrumentation, industrial and in-vehicle. Kyocera SWV TFT LCD modules are available from Ginsbury immediately.
For more information, visit www.ginsbury.co.uk