Display expert launches Advanced Wide View TFT display module

Paul Boughton

Display specialist Ginsbury has announced the introduction of a new Kyocera Advanced Wide View (AWV) TFT display module. The 7.0-inch T-55785GD070J-LW-AFN has been developed to provide superior image quality and wide viewing angles with maximum colour accuracy. AWV, Kyocera's implementation of in-plane switching (IPS), achieves a viewing angle of greater than 170° (horizontal and vertical) and ensures that the colour fidelity of the display image is accurately represented when viewed from any direction.

Featuring a contrast ratio of 750:1 and the latest high-efficiency, long-life LED backlight, the 7.0-inch AWV module has a brightness level of 1000cd/m², which provides an ideal solution for many outdoor applications requiring sunlight readability. To aid usage and installation, the T-55785GD070J-LW-AFN is equipped with a built-in LED driver circuit. The integrated LED driver circuit includes a full dimming function and no further additional components are required to drive the backlight. The 70,000 hour lifetime backlight is designed to provide lower power consumption by using the latest developments in LED and light guide technology.

Neville Milward, Director, Ginsbury explained, "Many industrial and medical applications will often require the display image to be clearly visible from many viewing directions and often viewed by multiple operators at the same time. Kyocera AWV displays are inherently suitable for demanding indoor and outdoor applications where optimum viewing angle performance is required."

The transmissive 7.0-inch display features WVGA resolution (800 x 480 pixels) and a 30-pin data interface implementing a standard 20-pin LVDS interface to enable simple integration and operation. The display module has outline dimensions of 169.8mm (w) x 109.7mm (h) x 9.7mm (d) and an active display area of 152.4mm (w) x 91.44mm (h). The display supports a wide operating temperature range of -30°C to 80°C.

Kyocera AWV technology solves the colour shifting problems inherent in traditional twisted nematic (TN) and Vertical Alignment (VA) type TFT displays. AWV offers an 85° viewing angle in all directions (left/right, up/down) due to the use of new materials and a redesigned LCD cell structure replacing the traditional twisted nematic (TN) structure.