Discover 3 solutions to increase maintenance safety & efficiency

Jon Lawson

According to EU-OSHA, 10-15% of fatal workplace accidents occur during maintenance operations. Occupational diseases and health problems such as asbestosis, cancer, hearing problems and musculoskeletal disorders are also more prevalent among workers involved in maintenance activities. Brady proposes 3 solutions to help make maintenance safer and more efficient.

Increased maintenance safety
Near misses and workplace accidents can be avoided during maintenance operations. Warning signs can be applied in plain sight to caution and inform maintenance workers when hearing protection, hard hats, goggles or masks are required to safely service machines. Machines can be isolated from their energy supply to prevent any unforeseen and dangerous movement of machine components. And finally, measures can be taken to prevent spills that occur during maintenance from spreading on the workfloor where they can cause slips, falls, skin irritation or other workplace safety issues.

More efficient maintenance
While increasing maintenance safety, it is a good idea to simultaneously improve maintenance efficiency. By applying clear, instructional labels on machines, maintenance workers are immediately aware of best practice steps and procedures to service a specific machine. Together with fewer maintenance interruptions thanks to machine energy isolation and spill control, clear instructional labels can make maintenance more efficient and help companies to return to full production capacity faster.