Direct wire-to-board connectors allow easy hand assembly

Jon Lawson

RS Components (RS) is delivering a new concept in PCB connection technology with the introduction of the SKEDD SDC 2,5 series of solderless direct wire-to-board connectors from Phoenix Contact.

SKEDD technology from Würth Elektronik, and further developed by Phoenix, uses push-in spring contacts manufactured to fit PCB hole geometries perfectly. No soldering or press fitting is needed. Wires and cables can be plugged directly into a PCB without the need for a board-mounted header, eliminating an entire connection level and reducing component count. Wire-to-board connections can be made lighter and lower profile, supporting device miniaturisation.

Compared with conventional header-and-socket configurations, SKEDD allows greater flexibility in positioning connectors and can reduce process time, cost, and the risk of manufacturing errors. SKEDD technology was named for its simple tool-free hand assembly: SKEDD translates as it’s done in Swedish.

The Phoenix Contact SDC 2,5 range incorporates SKEDD technology in a series of wire-to-board connectors with from 1 to 16 tin plated contacts at 5 mm pitch. Nominal cross-section is 2.5 mm2, nominal current is 12 A, and rated voltage (III/2) is 320 V. Assembly is intuitive thanks to a colour differentiated actuation lever, and connection quality is unaffected by multiple insertions and extractions.

A secure locking mechanism between the connector housing and the PCB ensures a robust, reliable, vibration-resistant mechanical connection, even under harsh environmental conditions. An integrated test option provides for quick and easy connector testing.