Dilute, dose and spray it clean

Jon Lawson

Global water, energy and maintenance solutions provider, NCH Europe, has launched a new range of dilution, dosing and spraying equipment.

The new products will be used with liquid cleaning products such as water based degreasers and rust removal solutions, as well as other concentrated cleaning liquids. It will be used in applications ranging from industrial plant environments to demanding cleaning tasks in commercial and business facilities.

The new range consists of wall mounted dilution equipment, to mix concentrated cleaning solution with water to fill bottles and buckets, wall mounted dosers used to accurately and automatically dispense the required amount of cleaning concentrate and spraying equipment for hard to reach and vertical surfaces.

Made from a chemical resistant and durable polypropylene (PP) case, the new dilution unit eliminates the need for a power connection by using a mechanical Venturi system that provides an effective operating range between one and nine bars of pressure and a maximum temperature range of 70˚ç. The dilution unit also features modular backplates allowing multiple units to be wall mounted as required.

"One of the biggest bugbears most people have with traditional cleaning setups is the time and hassle it takes to mix and apply cleaning solutions in the right quantities," explained Peter Crossen, VP of the Maintenance and Partsmaster Innovation Platform at NCH Europe. "Mixing water based degreasers, rust removal concentrates, and other chemical solutions is not always practical or safe. This led us to develop this range of dilution, dosing and spraying equipment.

"To make sure it doesn't pollute the mains water supply, the dilution system is fitted with a FLEX-GAP certified anti pollution system," continued Crossen. "It uses flexible membrane valves to provide effective dilution of concentrated chemicals without polluting the mains water supply."

The dosing system is also wall mounted and operates without a water supply. It is easy to fit, and clicks together easily without the need for clamps, nuts and related fittings.

The unit contains a robust ABS lockable dispenser to house up to 5L of chemical concentrate.

By simply pushing the large button on the front, a hydraulic system is activated and dispenses the right amount of solution directly into a bottle or bucket.

The new equipment range is completed by a series of sprayers and foamers for difficult to reach surfaces.

Sizes range from 600ml hand held bottle sprayers, all the way to 16L Lithium-ion battery powered backpack sprayer intended for large vertical surfaces.

The sprayer range features Viton seal technology to resist alkaline chemical solutions, dual action spray triggers, and 360 degree spraying, allowing the bottles to provide continuous delivery even when used upside down.

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