Digital storage solutions

Louise Smyth

Facing the era of Industry 4.0, to fulfil the macro demand in cloud computing, automated industrial applications, and big data analysis, Apacer introduces new 3D NAND Flash SSD storage solutions to adopt 64-Layer BiCS3 architecture, which promises to operate at excellent stability, capacity and access speeds to meet enterprise needs.

Apacer developed a variety of solid-state drive (SSD) technologies including patented power cable-less SATA DOMs,  proprietary SLC-lite technology, wide-temperature, dustproof and waterproof protection at IP57 grade, CorePower, CoreAnalyser ,CoreSecurity, encryptions, and so onFor industrial DRAM modules, Apacer developed a patented anti-sulphuration and Wide Temp DRAM module that ensures stable performances in industrial control systems that are exposed to highly polluted environments or extreme climates.

From motors, medical facilities, national defence system, internet and communication, to mining, Apacer DRAM modules with the strengthened technologies and multi-protections maintain high performances in any system.

As the era of Internet of Vehicles begins to form, Apacer introduced a CAN communication module for applications in transport/logistics and driverless car management.

When paired with GPS and wireless transmission technologies, the module provides instant monitoring and analysis of vehicles, and the data obtained helps to contribute to the optimised management.

This CAN technology also applies to industrial automations, which enables a more advanced information integration.

According to semiconductor market research company, IC Insights, DRAM and NAND flash memories will reach a compound annual growth rate of 7.3% in the next five years.

The industry size will also increase from $77.3 billion USD in 2016 to $109.9 billion, mainly driven by the demands for memories and SSDs from smartphones, big data storage applications, and laptop computers.