Development platform for industrial network SoCs expands

Paul Boughton

Renesas Electronics, a premier supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions, has announced the expansion of its R-IN32M3 series platform solution for industrial Ethernet protocols with an IAR Systems development kit and multiple Industrial Ethernet protocol stacks support. IAR Systems eases device evaluation with the release of its low-cost hardware starter kit, IAR KickStart Kit for R-IN32M3 SoCs. The kit includes an R-IN board, an I-jet Lite debug probe and evaluation versions of IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM, as well as lots of protocol stacks on Renesas’ website. The solution enables simplified development and contributes to reduced development time for industrial networking applications.

As industry moves towards the Smart Factory, communication networks have become a critical component in improving production efficiency and real-time processing. Nowadays, the number and complexity of industrial protocols such as CC-Link IE, EtherCAT, Profinet, etc., as well as a variety of applications, has led to long and complex development cycles.

Renesas’ R-IN32M3 series of devices improves industrial Ethernet network performance with optimised hardware accelerators, while reducing costs by supporting multiple protocols such as EtherCAT, CC-Link IE, EtherNet/IP, Profinet, CANopen and others, from a single device. It can be used for real-time network communication in gateways, I/O controllers, PLCs/PACs, embedded controllers, industrial drives and countless other networked applications. Its exceptional design flexibility allows one system design to serve a diversity of networks and applications.

To further ease the development, a new platform for this R-IN32M3 is now available in collaboration with IAR Systems, a leader in embedded software tools. This new platform consists of the new IAR KickStart Kit for R-IN32M3, which contains the necessary hardware and tools to quickly evaluate the features of the R-IN32M3 and leverage the hardware RTOS feature, and the support of leading Industrial Ethernet protocol stacks. The platform solution is complemented by a broad set of industrial Ethernet protocol samples available on the Renesas website. This allows customers to easily set up the environment for protocols, such as EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP or Profinet, on the R-IN32M3. This combination delivers a complete and powerful, yet simple and cost effective platform for setting up Ethernet-based industrial networks.

Renesas’ R-IN32M3 platform solution serves as a key enabler to fulfill the Internet-of-Things (IoT) requirements in an industrial environment. The collaboration of the tools from IAR Systems together with the rich ecosystem provided by Renesas’ partners allows system designers to benefit from a “one-stop” solution for their evaluation and system development. The R-IN32M3 platform solution enables a fast and simple setup over industrial environments, while lowering costs compared to conventional approaches.