Demineralised water solution launched

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Veolia Water Technologies UK has launched TERION, a new demineralised water solution ideally suited to the demands of power generation and industrial process water applications. The plug and play, single skid system combines high-quality Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Continuous Electrodeionisation (CEDI) technologies to deliver a cost-effective, reliable and easy to manage purified water solution.

Designed to meet the challenges and requirements of the modern power industry such as ensuring the productivity, reliability and longevity of assets as well as minimising operational and capital expenditure.

With the combination of RO and CEDI processes, TERION removes over 99.9% of dissolved inorganics and over 99% of large dissolved organics. This allows it to produce demineralised water that meets the most stringent treated water specifications. This makes it suitable for use as boiler feed water and for gas turbine injection applications where the use of consistently high-quality demineralised water will help protect the system.

Offering options with units ranging from 5 m3/hr to 52 m3/hr available. The units incorporate high efficiency motors and Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) pumps to save up to 50% on electrical power. With no need to pause operation for regeneration of the deionisation resins, TERION provides a continuous reliable source of high quality demineralised water. Site safety is also improved by eliminating the need for acid or caustic chemicals associated with traditional ion exchange technologies.

The fully skid mounted unit is delivered pre-assembled and undergoes testing in our factory, prior to being despatched to minimise the on-site installation and commissioning time.

For our customers with applications that require smaller water volumes there is also the TERION S, suitable for hospitals, laboratories and microelectronics production as well as smaller scale industrial and power facilities. TERION S, uses the same combination of RO and CEDI technologies to produce high grade demineralised water and offers the same simple and fast installation and commissioning. There are seven models available with flow rates from 110 to 4,000 ltr/hr.

Both TERION and TERION S integrate seamlessly with VWT’s Hubgrade Digital Services, which enables remote monitoring and real-time performance optimisation via the cloud-based platform.

Kalpesh Shah, Head of Sales – Process Water at Veolia Water Technologies UK said: “The launch of the TERION range provides a simpler, more reliable and more cost-effective solution for demineralised water that has been tailored to the needs of the power and industrial sectors. In addition to the high quality system, customers also benefit from our dedicated expert service and support based on decades of experience.”

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