Delivering high quality compressed air

Paul Boughton

Atlas Copco Compressors' new generation of GA160+ − 315 range of lubricated screw compressors comprises four models: the GA160+, GA200, GA250 and the GA315, with up to five different pressure variants from 5.5 to 14bar.

The compressors are available in either pack or full feature (without or with an integrated refrigerant dryer), and air-cooled or water-cooled, versions and are designed for standard operating conditions of up to 46°C. There is also a GA315 Variable Speed Drive (VSD) version and a low-pressure 5.5bar (e) variant designed for applications within the glass, cement and textile industries.
The improved airflow provided by the GA160+ - 315 compressor range means that operators can now select smaller compressors for the same applications; thus saving money and energy. Atlas Copco’s improvements, such as its new generation asymmetric compression element which is incorporated in the new machines have increased flow by an average of 10 per cent across the range. As a result, specific models such as the GA250 7bar version now provide an increased airflow from 730l/s to 833l/s, a gain of 14 per cent compared to the previous generation of 250kW compressors.
Specific Energy Requirement (SER) is the true measure of how much electrical power a compressor will use. The new GA 160+ - 315 range’s combination of a high efficiency IP55 motor and an optimised, gear-driven transmission system contributes to increased energy efficiency and results in an overall improvement in SER of up to 11% on comparable compressors.
With the VSD version of the GA315 compressor, even greater energy efficiency of up to 35 per cent is achievable by automatically adjusting the motor speed to match demand. In addition, the energy recovery option can offer up to 75% in additional savings by recovering the heat from the compressor and turning it into hot water for use in process operations or premises heating applications.
With its integrated dryer, the full feature GA FF model provides dry, compressed air at a pressure dewpoint of 3°C while ensuring the lowest pressure drop and minimal installation costs. This compact package offers a fully integrated refrigerant dryer to ensure the continuous supply of clean and dry air to extend the life of equipment, enhance system reliability and avoid costly downtime and production delays. Additional integrated functions such as Saver Cycle Control regulate the dryer at optimum capacity and can contribute up to 30 per cent in further energy savings in normal load conditions. As with all compressors in the new range, the GA FF compressor incorporates an integrated Water Separator Drain as standard to remove 100 per cent of condensate and to eliminate any risk of pressure drop or leakage.
The GA 160+−315 compressor range has been designed from the outset for easy installation and serviceability. The integrated compact design, which has a 5 per cent reduced footprint, includes internal piping, coolers, an IP55 motor, lubrication and control system supplied as a ready-to-use, plug and play package. To help reduce service costs to the minimum, all components and consumables offer a long operational lifetime of up to 8000 hours and are easily and safely accessible via large opening doors.
All models in the GA 160+−315 range incorporate the Elektronikon Mk5 Graphic Plus controller for total operational control and remote monitoring through simple Ethernet connection. The controller features a user-friendly 5.7inch colour display, which provides full system protection via service scheduling and built-in safety alarms. The controller connects to SmartLink, Atlas Copco’s compressor data monitoring programme that gathers, compares and analyses data to help compressed air users increase maintenance and service efficiency.

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