DC programmable power supply for rack-mounted or bench use

Paul Boughton

The PWX series is a CVCC programmable regulated DC power supply designed for a rack-mounted or bench use. To increase its mounting efficiency, it has a 19-inch rack width which is only 1U high with cooling running from the front to the back which means units can be stacked on top of each other.

The series is equipped standard with USB, RS-232C, and LAN interfaces, which are essential for system upgrades. The series also has a virtual multi-channel bus (VMCB) function that allows it to be used efficiently for remote control and monitoring with 1-to-N and as well as with N-to-M in large-scale networks. In particular, the LAN interface is LXI compliant, enabling you to control and monitor the power supply easily from a browser on a PC, smartphone, or tablet. You can also manage the power supply in a different building.

It is possible to connect a PC and the PWX series with a hub to create a virtual group using a LAN connection. A maximum of 255 virtual groups can be set, and the maximum number of units can be configured up to 31 units per group. A group can have a mixture of models.
Use a browser from a PC, smartphone, or tablet to access the web server built into the PWX series for convenient control and monitoring.

A wide range of voltage and current settings can be combined within its output power rating (3 times). For example, the output power of 1500 W model, the PWX1500ML is capable to operate seamlessly from the range of 80 V-18.75 A to 26.8 V-56 A.

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Kikusui PWX DC Programmable Power Supply