Data modem cards

Paul Boughton

GTT Europe has combined a miniPCIe card with LTE & 3G Cinterion modules. 

The flexible data modem card can be used with any standard miniPCIe host and is plug and play, so users wanting to change to a different data modem card, or simply in need of a fast connection solution, can get up and running immediately. These miniPCIe cards have comprehensive functionality built in including a SIM card holder.

The cards are industrial grade: designed for harsh environments and to meet the rigorous needs of demanding outdor applications, such as remote monitoring and control smart kiosks and outdoor gateways and routers. Outdoor temperatures can drop as low as -30 degrees or rise as high as 80 degrees without adversely effecting the miniPCIe card's performance.

Customer profiles for these miniPCIe data modem cards span large corporations in need of rapid prototype development through to small companies requiring only small volumes.