Curved, polymer infrared windows for mechanical inspection

Paul Boughton

While the safe thermal inspection of live electrical systems is one of the most common applications for the IRISS range of polymer infrared windows, these products are also suitable for checking the health of mechanical systems during operation.

It is to extend their scope of application in this field that IRISS announces the availability of its polymer window products in an arched or rainbow format.

Aside from all their performance benefits, IRISS polymer windows have the  advantage of being available in virtually any size or shape. Unlike crystal alternatives whose composition and comparative fragility limits their format to a maximum four inch diameter round, IRISS polymer windows have no such constraint.

This allows IRISS to supply its windows to meet the precise needs of the application. Indeed for electrical inspection its ability to provide oblong windows to take in an entire bus bar, for example, has proved hugely beneficial. And its capability to offer a curved option extends this advantage to those involved in mechanical maintenance too.

An arched or rainbow IRISS infrared window can effectively be ‘wrapped around’ a bearing, pump, motor or turbine for example. It can also be incorporated into machine guarding, allowing the part or system to be inspected during operation and without any risk to the thermal cameraman. 

These new IRISS windows are supplied in opaque polymer but if the application calls for the ability to inspect in the UV, visual and all three infrared spectrums, they are also available in IRISS Platinum.  All IRISS windows carry an unlimited lifetime warranty and UL, Lloyds, ABS and IEEE certification. Non-custom IRISS windows additionally – and uniquely – conform to CSA.

Further customisation options include material housing, gaskets, optics, paint colour and the inclusion of company logo and any safety or corporate message.

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