COTS grade polymer electrolytic capacitor

Jon Lawson

Kemet has introduced the industry’s first commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) grade polymer electrolytic capacitor with a 1,000-hour life test option.

The new option, also known as the 'Biased Humidity Test', provides capacitors qualified at 85˚C with 85% relative humidity at rated voltage applied for 1,000 hours.

The test type provides capacitors qualified to the rigours of MIL-STD-202 Method 103.

Kemet’s T540 COTS polymer electrolytic capacitors are typically used for decoupling in DC-DC converters or as hold-up capacitors in energy storage applications.

Capacitance values up to 680 microfarads are available with the new extended life test option. Voltage ratings span 2.5 to 63 VDC and ESR specifications as low as twenty-five milliohms are available. The small surface mount form factor of the Hi-Rel COTS grade KO-CAP devices reduce board space requirements.