Cooperation for industrial gas turbine control system retrofits

Paul Boughton

Dale Power Solutions and Metso Automation of Finland have signed an agreement to work together on servicing gas turbine power generator packages. With a potential reduction of up to 30% in maintenance and service costs, along with tens of thousands of euros in savings by reducing equipment downtime, the two companies can provide substantial benefits with their combined solution.

The companies are now working together to provide independent capabilities for power generation packages, including upgrades, re-packaging, servicing and long-term maintenance, which are available to turbine customers and owners worldwide.

"We have achieved this by combining our most up-to-date open architecture DCS platform and controls expertise with Dale Power’s experience in turbine package design manufacturing, maintenance and servicing," says Neil Buckland, sales director, EPS, Automation, Metso Automation. "References have proven this capability. Turbines packages that we have serviced and maintained over their lifetime are achieving well above the industry standard utilisation rates for over 150,000 operating hours."

The combined solution provides turbine operators with a number of advantages. Thanks to the open DCS platform, there are no black boxes; the control, protection and machine data are in one system. Other benefits include high availability, easy and cost-effective maintenance, seamless integration of the turbine, compressor, generator and/or boiler controls, as well as online remote support. Communication with a third-party system is easy. Thanks to the long lifetime and support, there are no obsolescence issues. For fast troubleshooting after turbine trips, the 1ms clear and easy-to-read sequence and event diagnostics reduce troubleshooting time by up to one hour. The combined solution also provides lower-cost maintenance and decreases spare part pricing; usually 20% lower for turbine parts and 30% lower for non-turbine parts.

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