Cooling for power electronics

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Developing engineers are faced with a challenge when it comes to the choice of a suitable cooling concept for power electronics. This is in particular the case with flat housings where corresponding know-how is required. Thought should be given to this issue already during the concept phase as it may prove difficult to solve this problem if there is very little space for dissipating heat. Sepa Europe has developed a smart solution for such requirements, namely the HZ210 - an in-house development that is available in different dimensions.

Sepa's new high performance active heat sink HZ210 using the powerful LY60B radial fan. The case study achieved an impressively low thermal resistance of 0.5K/W during laboratory testing. With an overall height of a mere 25 mm this opens up new possibilities for developers to enable the cooling of power components in flat housings.

In the event that a temperature increase of 40K is allowed, 80W power loss can be reliably dissipated. The cooling system comprising Sepa blower, extruded heat sink and cover plate keeps the noise at a comfortably low level. The microphone recorded no more than 34dB(A) in the anechoic chamber.

The fan is available in 5V and 12V versions and has a service life of 210000 h (MTBF) at 40°C thanks to its reliable MagFix sleeve bearing.