Industrial Fluid Solutions

ContiTech Industrial Fluid Solutions is a business unit of the international technology partner Continental and is one of the world’s leading suppliers of industrial hose solutions for safely transporting liquids, gases and solids. The high-quality industrial hoses boast high resistance to pressure, temperature and media. They are manufactured according to national and international standards as well as individual customer specifications at more than 25 sites around the world by 2,710 employees using the latest computer-controlled production systems. The use of high-quality materials and comprehensive quality controls during production ensure that every meter of a hose is always of the same high quality.

Industrial Fluid Solutions develops and produces hoses and hose assemblies for the food industry, the water sector, chemicals and petrochemicals, mining, mechanical engineering, crude oil and natural gas extraction, as well many other industries.

Resistant to pressure, changes in temperature, hot water and chemicals, the high-performance water hoses are suitable for industrial and commercial use, as well as in parks, zoos, sports grounds and stud farms. Water intended for human consumption is subject to the stringent provisions of the Drinking Water Ordinance, which also covers the transportation of drinking water. These stipulate very specific hygienic and mechanical requirements for hoses and hose assemblies. The Aquapal meets all regulations and standards specified in Germany – even for mobile use in emergency supply lines and for natural disasters, as well as at fairs and festivals.

The food and beverage hoses make a valuable contribution to clean processes and thus to the quality of foodstuffs and beverages. They comply with the national and international hygiene requirements and statutory requirements and are made using state-of-the-art technology.

The steam and cleaning hoses meet the highest standards and transport steam and hot water for cleaning and other purposes in nearly every imaginable industrial sector.

As one of the world’s leading partners for companies in the onshore and offshore industry and for extraction technology, the company offers innovative and flexible hose solutions for marine applications such as dredger hose systems, dock and marine hoses and seawater intake systems.

For use in mining, gravel and ballast pits and on all kinds of building sites, Industrial Fluid Solutions offers a wide range of abrasive hoses specially designed for carrying mud, cement and concrete as well as earth, ore slurry, slag, sand and gravel, or commercial abrasives. If hoses with very wide inside diameters are required, the international supplier produces large-sized hoses up to an inside diameter of 1,200 mm on electronically controlled, state-of-the art big-bore hose systems.

When filling and emptying IBCs, barrels, tanker trucks or tanker ships, as well as when fueling aircraft or tankers, and in the chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industry, chemical and refueling hoses manufactured using special, often patented methods guarantee the safe transport of corrosive and hazardous fluids.

Special hoses for all kinds of applications with individual performance ranges complete the assortment of products. High-quality compressed air hoses for pneumatically operated units and tools are tailored to the requirements of the specific industrial application. The powerful Conti hydraulic hoses are ideal for safely carrying mineral-based hydraulic oil, oil/water emulsions and aqueous glycol solutions. Our autogenous hoses are extremely flexible, resistant to age and weathering, have a smooth, dirt-resistant surface texture and offer maximum hose safety for cutting and welding.


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