Connectors for reduced space operations

Louise Smyth

Amphenol Socapex has expanded its RJ Field & USB Field range of rugged connectors with two new Reduced Flange versions: RJF TV6 & USB3F TV for reduced space applications.

Designed for use in military and railway applications, the RJ and USB Reduced Flange receptacles combine space and weight savings with performances equal to standard RJF TV6 and USB3F TV receptacles.

Their design reduces the panel surface footprint by 40%. They are also 15% lighter than the standard RJFTV or USBFTV connectors. These receptacles are ideal for applications requiring a maximum number of RJ45 or USB connectors to fit in a small space or when there are weight constraints.

The RJF TV6 Reduced Flange connectors support data acquisition and transmission over Ethernet Category 6 for 10 BaseT, 100 BaseTX and 1000 BaseT networks in harsh environments. The Reduced Flange version is compatible with standard RJF TV and RJF TV6 plugs and caps. It also guarantees the same levels of performance and resistance to corrosion, shocks and vibrations as the standard version.

USB3F TV Reduced Flange follows USB 3.0 performances and specifications. This receptacle is compatible with USB3F TV and USBF TV plugs and caps. 

Both connectors use a MIL-DTL-38999 Series III thread coupling mechanism.

In order to adapt to harsh environmental constraints, the connectors are available in different materials and surface treatments such as cadmium,
zinc, black nickel, or nickel.