Connectors certified to fly in Boeing aircraft

Paul Boughton

TE Connectivity (TE) new DEUTSCH 369 series connectors have received qualification from Boeing, under new standards BACC65CP and BACC65CR and can be used for cabin lighting on Boeing aircraft as soon as 2014.

TE's DEUTSCH 369 series connectors provide a range of high-reliability, lightweight, compact and cost-efficient connectors suited to harsh aerospace environments. This series is particularly suited to civil aerospace cabin systems applications and is now available via global distribution. The connectors have been designed to meet today's tightening industry regulations and Electrical Wiring Interconnect Systems (EWIS) best practices, and the series is one of the most versatile and complete connector offerings on the market today.

"Safety, reliability and performance are of paramount importance to our customers," explains Gary Bannister, marketing manager, TE Connectivity, Global Aerospace, Defense & Marine. "Our new 369 series connectors deliver a set of unique characteristics that make this product particularly ideal for the latest commercial aerospace cabin systems applications. We're excited to help meet Boeing's cabin lighting needs and look forward to our growing partnership."

Improved installation features include:

• Colour coding for quick ID and install;
• Positive button latching / audible click;
• Simple cable-tie mounting with latch-defeat mechanism.

Features for harsh environments include:
• PEI / PEEK harsh environment shell materials;
• EN2591-317 aerospace fluids resistance;
• Smoke and toxicity standards rating that meets IAW FAR25 853 and ABD0031;

Space-saving rectangle form factor includes:

• MIL style 'cork-in-bottle' sealing profile (IP67 rating);
• Mating durability – 500 matings;
• Fully scoop-proof interface, suitable for blind mating;
• Removable back-fitting accessory to help reduce wire strain;

The 369 series is designed for applications where fewer contacts are needed in each connector and shielding is unnecessary. The extremely lightweight and compact connectors come in three standard contact layouts: 3-, 6- and 9-way configurations.

Installation and maintenance of cabling is simple, quick and reliable with a range of individually colour-coded keying options. Each mated half of the connector can be configured with either male or female contacts, doubling the keying configurations available and electrically protecting contacts on the powered-side of a system.

Aerospace standard AS39029 crimp contacts can be easily extracted and inserted from the rear of the connector with standard tooling. The 369 series connector is particularly suitable for blind-mating or low visibility conditions, with the scoop-proof interface to help prevent damage to contacts.

The connectors are fully sealed for use in areas with high levels of moisture and are manufactured from high-performance composite materials which are designed to help meet the low smoke, toxicity and flammability requirements of the aerospace industry.

The 369 series connectors are suitable for various aerospace applications within the cabin such as cabin lighting, oxygen mask systems, galley systems and seat actuation systems. The connectors also provide a solution for UAV lighting systems and helicopter control panels.

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