Connector for rapid attachment of motor test leads

Paul Boughton

Suitable for the fast and safe attachment of test unit leads onto motor terminals, the newly redesigned Grip-ESZ is a single collet plier from Multi-Contact.

Replaceable inserts allow the instrument to clamp onto M4, M5 or M6 threaded bolts, with contact depths ranging from 3 to 6mm. A 4mm diameter safety lead plugs into the handle.

The spring loaded plier is rated at 1000 V, CAT IV, with rated currents ranging from 20 A to 32A depending on the insert size. To maintain the CAT IV rating, appropriately rated leads should be used.

The Grip-ESZ is a more flexible complement to Multi-Contact's MK six-pole motor terminal plugs, which are available in a number of different configurations. Their simple clamping action enables them to be quickly locked onto terminal blocks with various pin spacings and diameters. They are available for five thread sizes from M4 to M10 and can be specified with up to two spring-loaded earth pins on their top face.

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