Connectivity solutions for offshore platforms

Paul Boughton

Connections to and on offshore platforms set high demands for cables, writes Peter Nes.

Harsh environments, aggressive chemicals, and high safety demands are they key items TKF focuses on in delivering cables and connectivity solutions in the offshore industry - from subsea cables to EMC solutions.

TKF exceeds customer expectations as a supplier to the offshore oil and gas and renewable industry with its full range of cables and services such as cable engineering and total project management for offshore connections.

In the Sanaga project, TKF was commissioned by the oil and gas company PERENCO to supply a length of 17km 10kV submarine cable with an integrated fibre optic communication link. The commission also comprised laying the cable between the Sanaga offshore platform and the coast of Cameroon. As a special service, TKF was requested to lay a coiled tube parallel with the cable connection.

With an excellent track record of providing the complete range of Low voltage, instrumentation and optical fibre cables cables for many many OSS platforms such as Dolwin Alpha, TKF has a major position in this market with cable solutions to Marine or Offshore standards such as IEC 60502, IEC 60092, NEK606 and DNV-OS-J201.

A dedicated range of medium and high voltage transformer connection cables with special sheathing compounds for offshore applications is developed and approved by several certification societies.

TKF's 170kV cable system, TKF HV cables in combination with Phisterer offshore Connex connector, is type approved by KEMA according to IEC, VDE, HD and NEN specifications. Installation of TKF cable system can be done on turnkey base, inclusive site acceptance testing (damped AC technology, DAC) and pD measurement to ensure 100% discharge free terminations.

With MUD resistant topside instrumentation and power cables exceeding the demands of the latest NEK 606 TS:2009 standard with increased fire resistancy properties TKF has a complete RFOU and BFOU cable portfolio used on offshore installations of major oil companies. With cable design ensuring faster installation due to their smart construction and excellent fire resistancy properties , TKF O-Line+ offshore cables saves cost and increases safety offshore.

TKF cables guarantee high quality; ease of installation; and short delivery times.

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Peter Nes is with TKF, Haaksbergen, The Netherlands.

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