Connectivity solutions that give systems a tactical advantage

Paul Boughton

Molex Incorporated's Temp-Flex air-dielectric ultra-low-loss flexible microwave coaxial cables deliver up to 88 per cent velocity of propagation for increased signal speed.

This cabling is suitable for device manufacturers specifying microwave coaxial cables in high frequency aerospace and defence applications, such as those found in radar, vehicle, satellite, space, RF and test and measurement equipment.
Within Molex’s fibre optic product offering is the VITA 66.1 Ruggedized Optical MT Backplane Interconnect System designed to meet the ANSI- ratified VITA 66.1 specification for VPX architecture.  For maximum design flexibility, MT termini are available in 8, 12 or 24 fibres in standard multimode and singlemode or VersaBeam™ (expanded beam).

VersaBeam MT lensed interconnects offer a high-density optical interconnect requiring minimal cleaning while delivering repeatable, error-free optical transmissions.  The recessed micro lenses, prevent physical contact between mating interfaces avoiding possible failure and provides reliable and repeatable optical performance.

The metal bodied LC2+ connector support the enhanced environmental performance requirements, meeting FOCIS 10 specifications.  Offered in simplex, duplex, singlemode and multimode versions, the LC2+ system offers a variety of connection options to suit many applications in severe operating environments together with a range of single and multiport EMI adaptors.

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