MULTILINE E completes the Eisele modular kit system for modular multiple connectors to include exchangeable adaptive inserts for electrical connectors and electronic connectors. The MULTILINE E modular multiple connector is a genuine multi-media connector that can integrate virtually every type of operating media.

A multiple connector for compressed air, gases, liquids, electric and electronic signals

The E-connector line offers the widely used and standardised M12 connectors in different constructions for diverse applications. They include A-coding, Cube6, Profibus, Ethernet, three to twelve pins and a version of the M12 power plug for power electronics up to 630 volts. For super fast connection and release with little manual strength, the MULTILINE E is optionally available in a version with a practical locking lever. When combining the M12 power plug with connectors for liquids we recommend drip-free adaptive inserts and the locking lever.

With the MULTILINE E you are able to connect data, compressed air, gases, liquids and electrical connections with one single click.

Connecting up to ten process media with one single click - Eisele Multiline E




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