Connecting to data networks

Paul Boughton

Belden Inc’s newly-developed Hirschmann GDM-Series Valve Connectors enable a wide range of automation components to be reliably powered and connected to the data network, which increases the overall productivity of machines and systems.

The connection technology comes from Hirschmann’s tried-and-tested GDML-series. The connectors are offered in type A and are available either with protective circuitry or in a version with additional LEDs. Both versions provide maximum protection for machine building, automation and equipment manufacturing applications.

The connectors are able to provide secure solutions for a wide range of environmental conditions thanks to their configurability. They are quick to assemble and offer high operational safety by protecting downstream electronic components. The Hirschmann GDM-Series Valve Connectors offer a simplified cable connection and reliable contacting, ensuring a solid increase in productivity.

Thanks to their wide connection area, the connectors can be assembled on site. Other connector features include high shock and vibration resistance, and extensive resistance to chemicals and UV radiation. Easy-to-grip housings ensure that connectors can be rapidly assembled. Rounded edges make it difficult for dirt to accumulate and ensure that it can be easily removed.