Conformal coating meets MIL-1-46058C and IPC-CC-830B

Paul Boughton

Intertronics is launching Dymax Multi-Cure 987, a conformal coating that meets the requirements of MIL-1-46058C and IPC-CC-830B. It is specifically formulated for rapid room-temperature curing when exposed to UV and/or visible light. Any coating in shadowed areas on densely populated circuit boards may be cured with heat. Based on Dymax Multi-Cure 984-LVUF, the 987 grade is designed to give better wetting on circuitry and components. It is said to dispense easily and cure quickly for precise quantity and placement.
Peter Swanson, managing director at Intertronics, says: “Multi-Cure 987 is blue fluorescing under 'black' light for easy inspection, and is chemically resistant for better protection. The viscosity is optimal for spraying thin coatings of 0.001-0.003inch thickness [0.025-0.076mm]. In addition, like other Dymax coatings it contains no non-reactive solvents and cures only upon exposure to UV and/or visible light and/or heat. Its ability to cure in seconds enables faster processing, greater output and lower assembly costs.”
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