Conduit systems for hazardous areas

Paul Boughton

The Kopex-Ex range of electrical conduit systems for use within hazardous areas are designed to protect and connect critical power and data cabling in many different industries, including oil and gas, mining, pharmaceutical and food production. These industries are all bound by global or national legislation including ATEX, UL, IECeX, GOST and CSA.

The Kopex-Ex range for Exe and Exd applications is just part of a comprehensive range of products for use in hazardous area markets. Conduits and fittings for use in potentially explosive environments include liquid tight and nylon conduit systems, together with a full range of connectors adapters, reducers and enlargers.  In addition, the XP-Flexible Coupling Range features UL Listed Class I Div Explosion Proof products.

All products are engineered to include the critical properties needed to withstand the most demanding of operational environments. 

Key performance characteristics  include the ability to offer  resistance to the ingress from water, damage from oils and chemicals as well as the ability to withstand continuous vibration. Anti-corrosion properties, specific fire performance and EMI screening capabilities are included too.

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